I first came across Iria in her shop in Bradford on Avon when I was visiting the area and stuck up an instant rapport with her, she was so very knowledgeable and generous with information. Although in excellent health, being in my early 50’s I was beginning to sense some hormone imbalance and often felt the effects of stress from business affecting my energy and asked Iria for her advice, she created a herbal prescription for me which I have remained on as a tonic for near two years now and feel vital, energetic and my hormones feel very much in balance. I have on the odd occasion run out and within a week or two I have felt the difference and quickly reordered. I have sent friends her way and all have been as happy as I with Iria’s advice and herbal prescriptions.

J.E.London, August 2014

After 2 weeks of treatment the patient sent me an email saying:
“I am feeling very relaxed and clear-headed and much more confident. Also, when I feel I am getting anxious or nervous or panicking about something; it is easier to let go.”

After one month of treatment the patient had a normal period and sent me another email saying:
“I am feeling not only physically strong but mentally strong too, and the contrast of this to the past 22 months (she didn’t have a period for 22 months), is huge. The prospect of any trying situation arising in the future does not worry me in the least anymore as I feel very well-equipped to face this. It has not only been the herbs, but the knowledge that there is someone who understands and is there to listen.”

Her treatment was completed after 3 month and she continues having regular periods every month.

Susan, London

Being treated by Iria at the Natural Pharmacie,  turned my life around. Unable to take HRT, I was at my wits end. The Herbal Medicine I received worked very effectively with none of the side effects I had experienced with HRT.
Iria is very professional, highly skilled, and generous with her time.

SusieBradford-on-Avon, July 2013

I have had psoriasis for 20 years and tried everything and spent a fortune.
After one year treatment I can say I am 90% cured. The improvements started to show after one week treatment.

Thank you Iria

GavinDecember 2010

“Iria goes to the core of the issue and treats not just the symptoms but the cause and the psychological impact of what you have suffered and not known why.  That was a great relief to me beyond anything that conventional medicine has ever delivered.”

MirandaBath. August 2013

I came in to the pharmacie in April, and you made me some preparations for endometriosis. not only did the medicine work extremely well, but i am pleased to be able to tell you that i am now expecting a baby next February! all going well so far (12wks). i will come in to the shop when i am in Bradford on Avon next, though i am not living there now, and perhaps get some good-for-pregnant-bellies tea!

BridgetAugust 2010

I came into your shop and you kindly made up a concoction of herbs for me, to help my adrenal system on the 4th of August.  I started using it straight away, and what a difference it has made from the first day even!  I’m so pleased, I can’t believe what a change – I feel so light, have so much more energy during the day, it’s wonderful.  I have now completed my second month of not taking HRT, so I’m hoping that the progesterone cream will begin to have an additional effect.

Debra, Backs

Thank you so much for helping with my hot flushes!! I feel so much better! I will keep coming back, you are so understanding.

L SmithJuly 2013

Thank you for the wonderful herbal mix you made for me. My tonsillitis was healed within one day and I have spread the good news on Facebook.

SteveBradford-on-Avon, August 2013

Thank you Iria for helping me with your wonderful herbs, which have enabled me to walk properly again after hobbling around for 4 months. A miracle!

PhoebeBradford-on-Avon, July 2013

Thank you for your parasite clearing herbal mix.Within 3 days of starting the medication I started to feel much better and by the end of the 2 weeks I had so much more energy especially in the morning, it makes getting out of bed a joy!
Thank you once again.

MikeBristol, June 2014

After one month treatment I definitely have been sleeping much better and I also have fewer night sweats. So this is a huge improvement.
I have adapted my diet in line with your advice.

Overall I feel good, with quite a sense of well-being and content.

So thank you very much for your help and recommendations.

Wiltshire, September 2014

Mrs O"Callaghan