We offer personally tailored solutions for each client based on their own needs. This includes taking some information from you about the case and your circumstances and taking a little time talking with you to ensure the best solution is identified and is workable. We’re all individuals, so it is important to get an appropriate remedy that really works for our individual constitution, health requirements and personal circumstances.

You can have a consultation:

Consultation Fees

In person:

Initial Appointment £ 40

Follow up appointments £ 15
Herbal medicines typically cost £ 8.00 to £8.75 per week (approx.)

Children under 12:
Initial appointment £20
Follow up appointments £10
Herbal medicines for children typically cost £7.00 to £7.50 per week (approx.)

Online consultation – for adults only
Please fill in the consultation form
Initial consultation: £20
Follow-up £ 5
Herbal Medicines typically cost £7.00 to £7.50 per week (approx.)

Skype – for adults only

1) Make an appointment

2) Pay for the consultation


1/2 hour £20

1 hour £40

Please note a full 48 hours notice is required for cancellations otherwise the full fee is payable.
Concessionary appointments are available for patients on low income – please telephone or e-mail to discuss.

The Consultation Process

First Appointment:
The first appointment can take up to 1 1/2 hours.  In it I will discuss with you your current health problem, as well as your medical history, diet and lifestyle, and will perform examinations (if necessary) and ask questions that will provide an holistic understanding of your case.

On the basis of the first consultation I will formulate herbal preparations perfectly suited to your constitution to heal your complaint and promote inner health and wellbeing. The herbal preparations may be of various kinds – for example, infusions (teas), tinctures, creams or pills – and will typically include herbs to alleviate your symptoms as well as herbs to promote deeper healing and to address the underlying causes of your complaint.

Subsequent Appointments:
Subsequent appointments are typically half an hour in length. They serve to check progress and monitor your healing. Adjustments may be made to your herbal formulation to maintain harmony with the healing underway as your health improves and as your treatment requirements consequently change. With time, as healing progresses, follow-ups (for in-person clients) may become possible over the phone.