First aid tips

Sea Sickness & Travel Sickness
Frequent sipping of an infusion of peppermint, ginger or chamomile can give considerable relief. Alternatively chewing a little piece of fresh ginger root can help.

Sprains and Strains
For sprains which involve a joint, use a cold compress which has been soaked in some witch-hazel and/or marigold infusion and apply to the swelling, and then frequently apply comfrey ointment.
For strains which affect muscles through excessive or incorrect exercise, massage with essential oils of rosemary and lavender diluted into a vegetable oil such as sweet almond at five drops in to each tablespoon of oil.

Bites or Stings
After cleaning the area well, remove any stings with tweezers and cool the inflammation with ice if possible. Apply a cold compress soaked in a strong infusion of chamomile or with a few drops of essential oil of lavender.

Apply a cold compress, which has been soaked in a comfrey infusion or with oil of lavender. For small bruises and to speed up healing use comfrey ointment.

For minor burns cool the area in cold running water for at least two minutes. Afterwards apply a few drops of oil of lavender.