In the Tropics

Here I am in the tropics, making a huge sacrifice to leave the UK winter behind and carry out some Important Research on tropical herbs.  It is not an effort as such to do this work, since I really love these wonderful plants which we use for medicinal purposes and call herbs.  The effort lies in the fact that I am on the coast in the North of Brazil and I am surrounded by the most beautiful empty white sand beaches, abundant flora and fauna, and plenty of sunshine.

I can assure you, I will find time to relax into the slow pace of this part of the world.

The Natural Pharmacie is travelling with me and you are not restricted in any way or form to send me your queries.  I can reply to these and also send you your prescriptions and supplements wherever I may be in the world, and as I have been busy doing this morning (picture).  Explore my new website and find out how it works…

Watch this space for new herbs that I will be studying.  Just the photos will be worth a look.

With love from the tropics,