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Herbs in Common with the Tropics

Plantain Plantago major The medicinal properties are found in the leaves and the seeds. The plant has astringent and demulcent properties, and is used as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Conditions treated with this herb include: respiratory problems such as; asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, coughs, hay fever. It also can be used to treat irritable bowel syndrome, […]

Ipê-roxo – Tabebuia impetiginosa

  Ipê-roxo – Tabebuia impetiginosa Still in the Tropics….. Here in Brazil one comes across many exotic plants, including trees fruits and flowers, let alone all those crawly creatures – best to stay away from them. Today I felt the urge of sharing with you something immensely beautiful.  A tree, that is indigenous to Latin […]

Miconia albicans

  Common name: Canela de Velho, Scientific name: Miconia albicans On my first trip into the tropical jungle (Mata Atlantica), along the coast of the Atlantic ocean, in Bahia, Brazil, I was able to identify many very valuable tropical herbs, which were growing  along the path.  The first one I came across was Miconia albicans, […]

In the Tropics

Here I am in the tropics, making a huge sacrifice to leave the UK winter behind and carry out some Important Research on tropical herbs.  It is not an effort as such to do this work, since I really love these wonderful plants which we use for medicinal purposes and call herbs.  The effort lies […]


Dear all, I will be on holidays from Tuesday the 3rd of December to Sunday the 8th of December. Please do send me your queries and I will reply to them on Monday the 9th of December. Also note that you now can place your orders for your prescriptions and for you supplements on this […]

Stay well this Winter

We do not need to get coughs, colds, flu and the winter blues.. Traditionally people have prepared for the dark months by changing their lifestyles to be in harmony with the season. Many old traditions of Medicine, in particular the Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, are based on the philosophy that we should live […]

We have moved!

The Natural Pharmacie has moved! We have moved to our own new premises, set in lovely quiet surroundings with ample parking and yet only three miles from beautiful Bradford-on-Avon, our previous location. Our new address is: Coptoak, Unit 1 216 Blackberry Lane Conkwell Bath BA2 7FE Telephone: 01225 723 894 Email: iria(Replace this parenthesis with […]

Get Ready for The Change of Season 1

Autumn is approaching fast! Get ready for the change of the Season, which always takes us by surprise… The best thing we can do at this time of the Year, is to embark on a preventative program. It is very simple and anyone can do it! Here we are: Take the extra strong organic Echinacea […]